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Ірина Кравченко
1st november
Знайшла свій штраф і швидко оплатила на сайті
Анатолій Смолій
1st november
Зайшов перевірити чи є штрафи і виявилось, що є такий. Тому зразу і оплатив! Дякую
Денис Майнов
2nd november
Зручно, що можна знайти штраф по ІПН та авто. Не завжди є під рукою номер постанови
Олександр Завадський
1st november
Пара хвилин і переконався, що штраф дійсно оплачено
Still have questions?
How to pay a traffic fine using your car registration number?
You can easily pay a traffic fine for traffic violations online using the service. Simply enter your car's registration number on the website and select from the list the document confirming identity you will be using: resolution number, passport, ID card, etc. After entering the data and the vehicle registration number, click the “Search” button, and the service will display all fines associated with your car.
How to pay a traffic fine using the resolution number?
You can easily pay a fine for traffic violations online through the Simply enter the series and resolution number along with the vehicle registration number into the search form on the website, and by clicking the “Search” button, the service will display all fines associated with your car.
How to check the payment status of a fine?
After payment, the funds are credited to the State Treasury Service of Ukraine the next day. You can check the payment status through the website by entering the data you provided when searching for fines. Information about fine payments can also be obtained by contacting the police department in your city.
How to receive a payment receipt?
You can receive an electronic receipt in your email by clicking the “Send receipt to email” button in the payment window and entering your email address. Additionally, after successfully paying a fine on the service, you will immediately receive a payment receipt that you can download to your device. To do this, in the payment success window, next to the paid amount, click the “Download” button.